Faculty of Food Science and Technology (FST) offers following programs


1.      Advanced bachelor program in Food Science and Technology (in English). All courses and related activities are in English. This program is run under cooperation with University of California Davis. In this program, we welcome exchange and full-time foreign students.

2.      Agricultural & Food Products Preservation and Processing (in Vietnamese)

3.      Agricultural & Food Products Processing and Food Microbiology (in Vietnamese)

4.      Agricultural & Food Products Processing and Human Nutrition (in Vietnamese)

5.      High quality program in Food Science and Technology (min 20% in English)


1.      Master of Science in Food Technology (In Vietnamese)

2.    Ph.D. in Food Technology (In Vietnamese)

Short training courses

Time to time, FST organizes short training courses, for examples, on meat processing, dairy processing, seafood processing, food safety …These courses can be organized upon request of companies or in cooperation with international partners.



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