Advanced bachelor in Food Science and Technology is a special program which has been established and being operated under the cooperation between Nong Lam University and University of California, Davis, USA.

All the courses and related activities are conducted in English. Lecturers are from well-known universities in the World and from Vietnam.

There are three options for students to complete this program: (1) Follow 4.5 years at Nong Lam University (including following courses and doing thesis), (2) follow 4 years at Nong Lam University and spend half a year at an ASEAN institute to carry out a graduation thesis, and (3) follow 2.5 years at Nong Lam University and 2 years at University of Queensland University.  

Graduated bachelors are able to work in any English or Vietnamese speaking environments or enter an international master program.

So far, students from the two first batches have graduated. All students were able to find suitable jobs after only several months. Several students found full-time scholarships to follow master programs oversea.

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