The Undergraduate Advanced Program in Food Science and Technology is a very special education program with the cooperation of the University of California Davis, USA – one of the top universities in the world.

This program is instructed completely in English by international and Vietnamese lecturers.

Students being admitted to the program are obliged to spend the first semester improving English skills before engaging themselves in the main subjects of Food Science and Technology. Therefore, it is not required that students have high level of English skills to be admitted to the program.

It is possible for students to transfer to the program of the same field in Vietnamese if they cannot keep up with the program or wish to change due to personal reasons.

Students in the Advanced Program have 3 choices of finishing the study:

(1)   Full-time of 4.5 years at Nong Lam University (including English preparation semester, main subjects and final graduation thesis)

(2)   4 years at Nong Lam University and carry out the final graduation thesis at a university/ institute abroad (mostly in South-East Asia)

(3)   2.5 years at Nong Lam University and 2 years at Queensland University, Australia.

Graduate students from the Advanced Program have the strength and ability to work in English-speaking environments as well as study further in postgraduate programs abroad without difficulties in language and communication.

The Advanced Program started in 2007 and had its first class in 2008. Until now there have been five classes graduated. In a preliminary survey, graduates from the program could quickly find suitable jobs. One hundred percent of graduates of the first class were able to find suitable jobs after only a few months of degree conferring. Some graduates were reported to receive full scholarships to carry out postgraduate studies in other countries. 

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